Yoga for Life – 5 Principles of Yoga

The practice  of yoga  gives us great physical and mental strength that changes anyone’s life. The correct method of practicing yoga will promote the magic that this subject brings to the practitioner.

Five principles of yoga you need to keep in mind when practicing this subject to see the effectiveness and receive the benefits that Yoga brings .

1. Practice right 

Asans (poses) rejuvenate the entire body. The poses mainly affect the spine and central nervous system. When the spine gains strength and flexibility, the circulatory system is activated, carrying nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body. Asana increases the mobility of the joints, the flexibility of the muscles. proximal and ligamentous. They massage the internal organs, promoting their functional activity.

2. Breathe Correctly

Pranayama activates the energy stored in the solar plexus, bringing new life to the body and mind. Regulating the breath helps to reserve prana, reserve strength and vitality. Deep, conscious breathing helps to conquer depression and stress, and prana control – by controlling breathing – can reduce symptoms of the disease, similar to acupuncture.

3. Relax properly

Deep relaxation works on three levels – physical, mental, and spiritual – and is a natural way to re-energize body and mind Regular relaxation is likened to the cooling system of a car. vehicle, it keeps the machinery from overheating to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle functions. During deep relaxation at the end of each yoga session, the body uses only enough prana to sustain important metabolic activities. The energy from the workout is stored.

4. Eat right

The yoga attitude towards food is to eat to live, not live to eat. Yogis choose foods that have a positive effect on the body and mind, and have the least negative effects on the environment and other living things. The recommended dairy-free diet – grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and dairy products – includes a variety of plants. Fresh and unrefined produce is said to be the best, simple processing to retain maximum nutrition.

5. Positive thinking and meditation

Positive thinking and meditation are important steps in yoga to bring peace of mind. Meditation techniques calm the mind and improve concentration. Regular meditation increases physical, mental and spiritual health. Before meditating, yoga practitioners need to clear their minds of negative thoughts and feelings, use concentration exercises and positive thinking.

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