Yoga knowledge-23 Type of yoga you should know

Popular types of yoga and its meanings.

This article introduces you to some popular schools of yoga. Depending on your criteria, personality and health status, you can choose for yourself an appropriate type of yoga. You can also combine the practice of several different types of yoga to develop different areas, through which the practice of yoga becomes more complete.

Here are the names and meanings of different types of Yoga that you may not know:

1. Gentle Yoga: Is a type of yoga that carries in it a combination of slow and simple poses, but has a profound impact on the muscles and bones. This is a basic, gentle and relaxing class, so it is very suitable for beginners, but equally important for those who have experience in protecting the body from related injuries. related to muscle and bone.

2. Hatha Yoga : Is a general type of Yoga that can include many other types of Yoga, slow and gentle speed, helping to balance the body and mind. This class is mentally and spiritually balanced, suitable for people of all levels. However, Hatha Yoga can also be taught at a fast pace (Hahta Flow) with advanced postures depending on the strength of the student.

3. Morning Series : Is a class in the morning to bring energy to the body, reduce fatigue, increase concentration for work.

4. Asna and Pranayama: A lot of exercises and breathing methods to detoxify, reduce stress, increase physical strength to give us a good health. Students can learn the correct movements and the right way to breathe. This class is suitable for practitioners of all levels.

5. Satyananda Yoga: Helps you gently massage your own muscles, keeping you both healthy and supple. This Yoga class is suitable for all age groups.


6. Yoga Therapy: Is a method of practicing Yoga for people with health problems. An Aspect of Yoga Therapy . Especially sports injuries and health problems like stress, high blood pressure, back and neck pain, asthma, stomach and constipation or age-related diseases.

7. Head Therapy: A yoga class specializing in therapy, helping practitioners avoid and treat head problems such as vestibular disorders, migraines…

8. Back Care: A Yoga class specializing in spine therapy, helping practitioners avoid and treat signs of degeneration in the back – shoulder – nape area. This subject improves the strength of the body from the inside, while increasing awareness of movement habits and postures that are harmful to health. Back Care is a class for people with back problems.

9. Core Yoga: Strengthening skeletal muscles, this Yoga practice focuses on the abdomen, back, shoulders and hips to help the practitioner increase strength, stability and flexibility of the core. Core strength training is extremely important and necessary for anyone, to avoid stress diseases, chronic back pain, headaches and other problems.

10. Ashtanga Yoga: Is a line of practice, combining strength, flexibility and endurance for a complete workout of intense intensity at a fast pace. Each sequence of movements will be practiced in sequence. This genre requires a suitable physical body because of the constant movements. Not for beginners.

11. Power Yoga: This class focuses on strength and endurance training. It will make the practitioner strong and flexible in mind and body. Power Yoga is modeled on the method of Ashtanga Yoga. Power Yoga does not follow a certain sequence. This class is suitable for those who already have practice.

12. Sun Series: The sun salutation is a series of 12 poses to help improve fitness and flexibility of the muscles and spine. This pose also helps to warm up the body and tone the abdominal muscles.

13. Moon Series: Special class at Huong Anh Yoga, for all levels. The class rejuvenates your mind and body. Includes 14 poses. Helps to tone the abdominal muscles and back. The Moon Series class helps relieve stress and relax the mind.

14. Sun Saluatation: Includes many continuous poses. This exercise is great for increasing energy, improving flexibility, and reducing stiffness. Working out in the morning will help you feel less tired throughout the day. The movements are coordinated with the breath. Sun Salutation helps people practice healthier and more flexible.

15. Yoga Balance: A class that focuses on movements to keep the body in balance. This is a difficult class that strengthens muscles, increases strength, and brings stability to both mind and body. This class is suitable for those who already have experience in practicing.


16. Back bend and twist: A class that focuses on 6 important movements, necessary for the spine, maintaining the strength of the spine and the whole body. Backbend Removes mind problems, builds healthy, optimistic mind. Contraindications: people with chronic lesions in the hips, back, shoulders, neck. Only practice with the guidance of the Master. Meaning of Yoga exercises

17. Surya Yoga: Works wonders for circulatory system and healthy heart. Helps the body relax after a long night of good sleep. It forces all muscles, joints and ligaments to work, thereby enhancing flexibility and balance for the body as well as the mind.
It also promotes the functioning of the entire thyroid gland – a very important endocrine gland in the body, and helps to relax and reduce stress.

18. Ball Yoga: Helps to diversify exercises and bring unexpected effects.
Ball exercises help tone the small muscles deep in the core to keep balance so that the outer muscles do the movement.
Exercises with the ball should be carried out step by step from low to high. All you need to get started is an exercise ball.

19. Yoga For Weight Loss:  Yoga is known as one of the exercises to help relax the mind, in addition, it also has a great effect on weight loss.

20. Dance Yoga: A combination of Yoga and music for those who have had time to familiarize themselves with these two disciplines. Instead of dancing without a dance at all, pay attention a little, refer to the above 10-minute exercise, you will achieve unexpected results. Meaning of Yoga exercises

21. Pair Yoga: The two-on-one exercises will help the class become more interesting and enriching, and reduce stress in life. meaning

and yoga exercises

22. Core Vinyasana: Refers to the connection between movement and breath, a method that helps transform static postures into a dynamic flow. Vinyasana class is a series of static movements. It helps to increase muscle mass, strength, endurance and flexibility. In addition, the activity of the cardiovascular system is also improved. Classes are suitable for everyone.

23. Dynamic Yoga: A challenging class with a combination of poses that require a lot of energy with relaxation exercises. Created to challenge physical and mental strength, the class promotes health and endurance, promotes health and endurance, and is good for the heart. Suitable for exercisers of all levels.

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