How to meditate to cure insomnia

Meditation, also known as by a name that shows its benefits immediately, is a discipline that is applied in life to reduce stress, fatigue, relax nerves and brain. Therefore, meditation is considered a method of curing insomnia, difficulty sleeping, not sleeping deeply. Meditation liberates people from stress, negative thoughts and towards a balanced, optimistic life. Let’s learn about the method of  meditation to cure insomnia  through the article below. 

Amazing effects of meditation on your sleep 

Sitting meditation originated in India, associated with Buddhism. Buddhism always directs people to a peaceful, clear mind, relaxes and removes all sorrows. Meditation is also applied as one of the exercises of yoga or martial arts. 

Thanks to the great stress-relieving benefits that meditation brings, this method is widely used to treat neurological problems, diseases such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, stress, … 

Benefits of meditation method to cure insomnia

Benefits of meditation method to cure insomnia

Many experts on this subject said that the lotus position of meditation puts pressure on the lower body and pushes the energy flow back up the spine, leading to the central nervous system. As a result, nerve impulses around the brain are also affected. This will help you fall asleep more deeply, meditating regularly every day will improve the symptoms of insomnia significantly. 

In addition, hormonal insomnia can also be improved by meditation. The hypothalamus of the brain is the area most affected by meditation. This organ will signal the pituitary gland and ovaries to produce the hormones progesterone and estrogen to improve endocrine problems. Menopausal women with hormonal insomnia, if they apply meditation every day, can improve their sleep. 

Advantages of sitting meditation method compared to other methods 

Meditation has many advantages that insomniacs should choose this treatment method: 

  • Safety: This is a completely safe and free exercise. It deeply affects the mind of the practitioner without any stimulation in the body compared to the use of drugs and functional foods. So it has no risks or unwanted side effects. 
  • Can be used with other techniques: Mindfulness meditation can be combined with cognitive behavioral therapy to improve sleep. It is superior to cognitive behavioral therapy alone. 
  • Bringing many health benefits: Meditation also helps reduce blood pressure, relieve pain, improve depression, anxiety. 
  • Increase the ability to focus, intuition, deep understanding of the inner, keep the spirit optimistic, clear. 

How to meditate to cure insomnia 

To cure insomnia effectively, you need to meditate properly because meditation is not just an ordinary posture. Learn how to meditate to get the most out of it. 

Preparation phase

The union of the body and the mind is an important element that meditation entails. At the preparation stage, arm yourself with the following: 

  • Quiet meditation space, no noise: A quiet space helps you increase concentration and the meditation is also as effective as possible. If doing it indoors, turn off all electronic devices, sources of sound that can affect your concentration. Add a little essential oil or scented candles as well as reduce the light in the room to relax the body. 
  • Prepare a sitting mattress : A sitting mattress is a necessary item for meditation because the meditation process needs to last at least 15-30 minutes. The mattress helps to relax the buttocks area, creating the most comfortable feeling possible. 
  • Wear loose and airy clothes: Wearing clothes that are too tight can make you uncomfortable and relaxed during meditation. Please choose a cool clothes to avoid discomfort, distraction when meditating. 
  • Practice time : You can choose for yourself a time in the early morning or before going to bed to practice for the most comfort and relaxation. 
  • Timer : To be effective, meditation should be done for at least 15-30 minutes. Set a time to guarantee it. 

Choose a quiet meditation space to create a feeling of concentration and relaxation

Choose a quiet meditation space to create a feeling of concentration and relaxation

Stage of sitting meditation 

To start a meditation practice, it may be difficult at first because your mind can still be distracted, anxious or thinking a lot. However, if you persevere for a few weeks, this will become a habit and become beneficial. 

How to meditate to cure insomnia: 

  • Sit on the mattress, keep your back straight, and place your legs crossed or stacked. 
  • Put your hands on your knees, relax as much as possible 
  • Slightly bent chin, eyes can be closed or open, eyes should be closed to focus 
  • Set a timer, at first, you can make an appointment for 5-10 minutes, then gradually increase the time 
  • Breathe through the nose 
  • Focus on breathing, rhythmic breathing, remove stress, thoughts. 

Persistence in exercise within 1-2 weeks will see the effect of improving insomnia, anxiety, stress, … 

Meditation posture cures insomnia properly

Meditation posture cures insomnia properly

Note when meditating to cure insomnia 

Please note a few points to optimize the quality of exercise and sleep: 

  • The best time to meditate is in the evening before going to bed, the spirit and feeling of relaxation help you sleep soundly and deeply. 
  • This is a method that needs patience to be effective, don’t lose patience 
  • If the space is too quiet and you still can’t concentrate, you can use soft music while practicing 
  • For insomnia caused by paranoia, depression, some negative thoughts can be difficult to get rid of and arise during meditation. If you can’t control it, see a psychologist for proper treatment. 

Meditation is an extremely beneficial method for health. Meditation for insomnia has been effective for thousands of people. To ensure better, deeper sleep, in addition to meditation, you should combine it with a scientific diet, reasonable living, regular exercise and movement for perfect sleep. 

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